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2 Ingredient Turkey Burgers

An extremely easy recipe that just requires two ingredients: ground turkey and Italian sausage. I use a 2:1 ratio of ground turkey to Italian sausage. The amount of sausage has enough ingredients to moisten and season the turkey burgers. The turkey burgers that I used to make would always end up as dry as a hockey puck or would have so many ingredients in them to keep them moist that they did not end up like burgers. One day, my wife brought home ground turkey and some Italian sausage made from ground turkey for us to try. They both were next to each other in the grocery case, so why not try something new? I think I tried to make meatballs with the combination of the two and then one day I tried burgers with the same recipe. My family loved them and, just like so many other recipes, have been making it ever since.

The picture above is a turkey burger on a King's Hawaiian bun with onion, pepper jack cheese, and our Everything Sauce


1 pound of ground turkey

1/2 pound of Italian turkey sausage or regular Italian sausage

Combine ingredients and form into burger patties. Cook until well done or at least 165 degrees F.

This is an easy recipe for dinner and you can get about six patties out of the recipe above. Enjoy!


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